I have lived in Elmhurst for the last twelve years. I did some research on the Elmhurst Public Library, the building that was owned by Henry L. Glos. The library is a fun place to be, and I thought it would be an interesting topic. There are many more facts and stories about the library that I would of ever know.
In 1912, the Elmhurst City Council passed a law to open a public library but, with a small increase of tax to support the library. Over the years in establishing the library the City Council wrote some rules to follow, while at the library.
Almost ninety -one years ago the library opened on March 22, 1916. Even with a snow storm about 100 people showed for the opening, in the back of the old Glos Building. The room was rented for only $15 a month. Today in the 2007 rooms for rent is $100 or more.
Katharine Breitenbach, was the first librarian, she was paid a salary of $15 a month. Katharine was paid $5 a month for cleaning the library.
In 1919, the board made a group to search for a place where the library could be put and did have to be rented out. The library’s collection of books had grown to 1,507 volumes, 12 magazine subscriptions and 643 people who borrowed books.
In 1922 the library moved to the Wilder Mansion, as seen in the photo. The house was built in 1868 by Seth Wadhams and was called “White Birch.” Later, the Henry W. King family used the house as a summer home.
In 1930 a fire damaged the library. The giant white pillars were added to the building in 1937,after it was remodeled because of the fire. The building was redecorated, and all of the wires were redone too. And the second floor was used for part of the adult section of books.
The amounts of books were growing at the library. The board said that the building needed more space. In 1963, the people of Elmhurst voted to approve a $500,000 addition to be added on the to the library. The addition was passed and made in 1965.
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The building I studied is no longer used as the library for Elmhurst. But, I still found it very interesting. Today we have a brand new library that is very nice.