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Built by a veteran of the Civil War, this building has very detailed and decorative borders. Built in 1891.
This building has very high peaked roofs. On top of these, there are decorative wooden rods.
This chimney has a very unique architectural design. The style represents the time period.

The beautiful details on the tower tell a story. A story of beauty in its glory days. But now, it’s just another lot of that no one has done anything with. Furst and Randolph loved this design.
A demolishing day. Never to see the light of day in the whole version it used to be. Half ready to leave and half ready to stand strong in the wind.
At one point in time, the mansion was a sanitarium. Then at another point in time it was a dental office. Again it was also a hotel and apartment. Throughout these times they had a lot of work done on the building. It had gone from a house for five people, to an apartment for fifty-five. no one knows exactly how many rooms there were at the birth of the building but they knew there were many at its death.