Hawthorne School- By Nick Sorrentino
Their mascot is a hawk
Did you know that Hawthorne school used to be a middle school and they used it for Elmhurst high school? It was built in 1888 and they had a very small building but when there was a fire in 1918 the school burned to the ground. The kids where scattered around the town while the town decide what to do. They decided to build a separate building for the high school. Then when they realized that they needed to build a new school for the kids because Hawthorne and Field school. They would then build a school named Roosevelt school named after Teddy Roosevelt. Now they have 62 teachers and aides at Hawthorn school. It’s the third largest school in Elmhurst.
They also used to have the Elmhurst high school in a room in Hawthorne. Then when they had the fire they built another building for the high school. Then after the fire they built a new and bigger building that is what Hawthorne is today with the exception of the new gym that they built 2002. Hawthorne has had an interesting history. They have good students and will stay in Elmhurst for a long time.