sanitar.jpgThe Lindlahr is an old “monument “in Elmhurst. I have lived in Elmhurst all of my life. I personally have never heard of the Lindlahr Sanitarium, so I thought it sounded interesting to research on.
The Lindlahr Sanitarium was owned by Dr. Henry Lindlahr. Dr. Lindlahr treated 80,000 patients during his career. One of his most famous patients was a presidential Socialist candidate, Eugene Debs. Eugene had even died in the Sanitarium.
The Lindlahr Sanitarium was an old hospital for Nature Cure. Nature Cure consisted of a vegetarian diet, sunbaths, airbaths, exercise, manipulation, and hydrotherapy. The building included exercise programs such as tennis, basketball, lawn croquet, and volleyball. The building included bedrooms, baths, parlors, and so on. The Lindlahr Sanitarium also had a city tent with screened doors for the summer.
The reason Henry Lindlahr took up being a doctor was because he had diabetes. He had eventually cured his diabetes and lost 40 pounds. This is why Henry Lindlahr devoted his life to being a doctor, without using medications. He founded his career in 1904 along with the Lindlahr Sanitarium.
The Lindlahr Sanitarium was located on West St. Charles Road. Also, it was opened in the year of 1914. When Henry died it only lasted a few years after under his father, Victor Lindlahr’s, control. That’s when he made a development of the medicines, Geritol, Zuramen ,Serutan, and Sominex.
Book: Elmhurst: Trails From Yesterday
Henry Lindlahr believed in Nature Cure very strongly. He even wrote five books on the subject. Dr. Lindlahr published the magazine, Nature Cure Magazine, along with others. The Lindlahr Sanitarium was closed after Henry’s death in 1928.