In 1997 the Prairie in Elmhurst was burned for the very first time. It was burned for a few reasons; first, it makes the ground able to grow new plants. Burning also arouses the ground for fresh growth. If we didn’t burn the prairie, then little trees and vegetation would sprout up, making it crowded. Blazing the prairie gives the earth nutrients to grow fresh prairie grasses, and is one of the many things that make the prairie look good. Underneath the soil is the live part of the grassland plant. It is sheltered from the burning and cold. Several weeks later the new plants begin to sprout up again.
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Four of the eight blocks of prairie in Elmhurst are burned every year. It is usually burned in at the end of March or the beginning of April. The Elmhurst Park District, the Fire Department, and helpers from our community all work together to burn the prairie safely and successfully.
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Sandburg contributes to keeping our prairie here in Elmhurst clean too. Every year the eighth graders spend one day cleaning the prairie and prairie path. They pull weeds, pick up garbage and really make a difference. By the end of the day, they are tired and dirty, but the prairie looks twice as nice. If everyone helps a little we can keep our prairie in good shape.
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The Prairie Path in Elmhurst is a place for all ages to have fun. Families can go on bike rides and stop at a park along the way. You can go for a soothing run or a brisk race walk. It is an enjoyable place to settle down in the grass for a picnic. I have gone on a nice bike ride to get some exercise and really had fun! Overall, the prairie path is a great place to have a good time!

Elmhurst has many ancient landmarks, there are trees, old building structures, and aged places to eat, but none of these is the oldest thing in Elmhurst. The Elmhurst Great Western Prairie is! It has been around longer than anything else in Elmhurst. To keep it here for even longer, we all have to work together to maintain it and preserve it! To do this we have to stop littering and start helping, you can make a difference too!
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The Prairie Path in Elmhurst, Illinois is located between Spring Road on the east side, and Salt Creek on the West. The path also runs north to the abandoned right-of-way of the Chicago Great Western Railway, and south to the abandoned right-of-way of the Chicago, Aurora and Elgin Railway. (now known as the Prairie Path) The IPP, also known as the Prairie Path, is the red dotted line on the left.


The Prairie Path runs about a total of sixty one miles long. The path runs mostly through the county of DuPage but it also runs through the Kane and Cook County. Elmhurst is in the county of DuPage, and it runs about six acres longs. Some other towns and cities that the Prairie Path goes through are Wheaton, Naperville, Lombard, Villa Park, Glen Ellyn, and way more.