sandburg_school.JPGThis is Sandburg Middle School. But it wasn’t always called Sandburg Middle School. It used to be called Elmhurst Junior High. Sandburg was built in the years 1949-1950. In 1960, the school was dedicated to Carl Sandburg.
Before Sandburg was built, all that stood here was an empty field. A little later after Sandburg was built, so was O’Hare Airport. The teachers literally had to stop talking when a plane came by because they could not be heard at all. To block out the sound, the school had refurbishing done. The refurbishing was started in 1997 and is still going on today. For example, Room 211 was originally 2 rooms. It is one of the only complex places where the walls go from cement to wood. Because of O’Hare airport, the whole school got soundproofing. Some of the walls are about 8in. thick!!
Carl Sandburg was born on January 6,1878, in Galesburg, IL. Carl’s parents had moved to America from Sweden before he was born. In his later years, Carl Sandburg became a very good poet. Many of the English books here at Sandburg Middle School even have some of his poems!
More of the refurbishing was done in the 50’s. The unified art classrooms were built in the 50’s. Where the computer lab is now, a gigantic bike rack used to be!
As I said before, the school is soundproof. The school is also very fireproof. The glass doors came in around the 70’s with the new fire laws. The school has also added many more lockers; even though we have fewer students then we used to have. Back then, the amount of students was somewhere between 800-900. It was almost impossible to move in the hallways!! Now we have around 700 students.
The history of school is not over. It is still being worked on. You never know, 50 years from now, children and adults of 2057 could be reading this!!!