Elmhurst Skate Park
by:Tom G.
As skateboarding got big the kids in Elmhurst thought that they needed a new place to skate besides the streets. People don’t want to listen to skateboards all day so they put it in an already loud place. They choseWilder Park because it was in a loud location already. Wilder Park is near the train tracks and downtown so people don’t have to here them.

The skate park was originally put near Prospect at Wilder Park. This would be handy because people wouldn’t have to listen to skaters because of the trains. After a couple of years people need new equipment or a new skate park. This skate park was not accomodating all the towns needs. It wasn’t big enough. Also the equiptment was worn down.

Kids in Elmhurst liked the new skate park but there was one problem. They all live across town so the parents were getting upset that their kids would have to cross so many busy roads to get to the skate park. Also after a couple years the ramps and other stuff got rusty and you couldn't use it. With both of these factors Elmhurst park district decided they needed a new location.
The new location was picked by these factors: skating is a high risk sport; they need it in a loud location already and an open space. This place is the Elmhurst commons off of York road. It is behind the fire station so no one gets hurt and if they do they can bring them to the hospital. A lot of Elmhurst commons is an open field so they don’t have to tear anything down. With the fire station and York Road, it a loud location so you won't hear people skating.
The decision to build a skate park was a very good one. People have a place to skate besides the streets. With the skate park in the new location, it better than ever. The skate park is a fun place to skate and hang out with friends.

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