This is the Walter Henry Emery house, or the emery house. It is a private residence. It was the first design that was independent by Walter Burley Griffin. He was working for Frank Lloyd Wright at his Oak Park studio. Griffin, in his work often repeated stuff, when, Wright, was known for his simple use of building materials and often combined several materials. The house was built in 1903. The current address of this house is, 281 South Arlington Avenue in Elmhurst Illinois.


In 1901 Frank Lloyd Wright hired Walter at his Oak Park studio. He stayed there until 1905. He left because they got in an argument because Wright paid him in Japanese money after he just got back from Japan. From 1899 through 1714, Walter had created more than 130 designs in his office in Chicago. They were for buildings, urban plans, and landscapes. Almost half of them were built in Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Griffin isn’t just known in Illinois. In fact, he designed Canberra, the capital of Australia. He and his wife won an award for it too. People in Australia, know him too.

Website: /burleygriffin.htm

Walter Griffin was born November 24, 1876 in Maywood, Illinois. He was the oldest of all four children in his family. At first, he was an employee at Dwight Heald Perkins. On June 1911, he married Marion Lucy Mahony. She was 40 years old. They did not have any children.

This is the Grant House. Mr. and Mrs. Griffin lived in it from 1925-1935.

Canberra was designed by Walter Burley Griffin. He was chosen to design it. Canberra, is the capital of Australia. It has over 320,000 people. It is the largest inland city in Australia.