York High School
People and Importance

Cathleen M.

York High school is school to 2,582 students. It was built in 1918, in order to accommodate all of the students in the Elmhurst Public School. We will be interviewing some of those students today.

John McGovern:
John is a Junior at York High school. The addition is where he has been for his three years, so it has benefited him, and his class. As long as he does his homework, school, and his classes are surprisingly enjoyable for this Junior. He likes all of the sports, clubs, friends, teachers, and all of the school spirit that is York. One downside to York is that it is very clique-oriented. He also doesn’t like how the administration has made some very controversial decisions that aren’t accepted throughout the school.

There are many sports and activities that he enjoys. He participates/participated in football, cross country, track, NHS (National Honors Society), Model UN, Chess club, and Jazz Band. So as you can tell, York keeps him busy.

John has also said that High school is a social maturity along with learning, which makes York different from Middle and Elementary school.

To John, York is the best school around. From the academic building to York’s giant field house, and the teachers that keep things fun. York is a school filled with happy students.

All of the teachers at York high school work very hard to teach over 2,000 students. Today we are going to get into the minds of one of those hard-working professionals. Ms. Pollack is that of those teachers.

Mrs. Pollack:
Mrs. Pollack is a social studies teacher. Her main goals to teach the kids include writing, understanding what they write, and how important computer literacy is. She likes working with the kids, and enjoys that her and them are always learning. She also likes it when kids come back and thank her. Her favorite things to teach are history and world studies. She also thinks that teaching kids about the environment is very important, so she enjoys that to. One thing that she doesn’t like would be the paper work. It’s just so time consuming!

Another thing that she loves is when her students finally understand a concept. “I feel fantastic!”

A great thing about York she says is that it’s close to home and her son went to York. That is why she chose to work there. It looks as if she made the right decision. She has taught at York since the spring of 1988!

Mrs. Pollack currently teaches freshmen and sophomores, though she would like to teach juniors and seniors. She wants to be able to talk more in depth, and not spend the first half of the year teaching them about the new school that they have just entered.

Mrs. Pollack was a huge supporter in the referenda. She called people, and actually got involved in what she wanted. This later paid off when the referendum was passed. She liked this a lot because it helped with the addition. The addition was great for her. They got air conditioning!

The library is a great place to read, and relax after a long day of school, or a place to finish your homework before your class starts. The Library is open 7- 4:15 Monday through Thursday, and 7- 3:30 on Fridays. When you enter the library, there are 10 people running it. From the director, to computer assistance, they’ll help you in any way that they can.

You can come to the library before your first period class, during lunch, during a study hall, and after school.

You can check out books by using your id. There is a cost for overdue books. It’s 10 cents a day, but it can’t go over $5.00. The nice thing about the York library is that you can even access it from home!

You can go to the library for whatever you want. You can meet there with your group for social studies, ask questions about a project. You can get access to computers, librarians, and special technology. In the library there is obviously a library with books, but there is also a computer lab, and a creative center.

Can’t find the book that you want at York’s library? That’s okay, because it is also linked to other nearby libraries, such as the Elmhurst Public Library, the Addison Public Library, the Bensenville Public Library, and the Oak Brook Public Library.

Altogether, the York Library is a place where kids can get anything, and everything that they need for their four years of day to day education.

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Amber V.


Mary McEnerney Woolley went to Edison, Sandburg and finally York. Mary McEnerney Woolley graduated from York High School in 1964. She went to Stanford University and got a Bachelor degree in Science. Then she went to San Francisco State University, and got a Master of Arts degree. Woolley participated in many medical associations including MRFIT (multiple risk factor intervention trial). Presently Woolley is the CEO of the non profit Washington D.C association RESEARCH! AMERICA. She has had great success all from York High School.

JIM EWALD ewald1.jpg
After going to Jefferson and Sandburg, Jim Ewald attended York High school. He graduated in 1984. Jim Ewald attended Southern Illinois University. He spent ten years working for the air force. Recently he has been in Iraq working on the war. He is scheduled to return at the end of May, 2007. Currently he is a major in the air force.

Andrew Reed graduated from York High School in 1998 to pursue his career as a furniture designer. He makes some of those chairs you sit on at the coffee store. Andrew is pictured here with one of his designs.

Ann Farrell graduated from York high school in 1980. After high school Ann Farrell decided to become an artist. Since then she has published lots of pictures; some of which have been in the wall street journal.

Tom Wolfe graduated from York in 1975. He then became an achieved writer. Bored of writing he became a stand up comedian. What a hoot!!

After graduating from York in 1959, Mahood went to the University of Illinois and got a Masters degree in Social Studies. After a quick army experience, Wayne Mahood went back to York; but he was teaching there as a social studies teacher. Also he published several books, mainly social studies text.

And it’s importance in modern society

High school is a big part of our modern world. We might not know it but our future depends on our grades in high school. Colleges want very smart . So we all need to do our best. Everyone has the potential.

High school is a building block to our futures. Every year we build up another story and learn from it. York high school gives young children of Elmhurst a chance to sculpt their futures. Be it in a bad way or a good way, we should benefit from this reliable resource that is York.

York is a mature environment where students can learn to become mature. It, like many other schools, gives the students a responsibility that might effect their lives. Like learning about alcohol and how their futures will change.

Teachers help us succeed our goals and even higher, they support us and we take a lot. But not just the York teachers, all the teachers in Elmhurst.

Basically what we learn in high school and take on with us is our life. We only want the best and York helps us accomplish that. We should appreciate what York is doing for our modern world.


York high school is a wonderful place to go and we should be grateful that as young children we have the choice to build our futures.