Story by Kelly_

Does everybody know York High School? Well York High School wasn’t always the name of the school. The name was Elmhurst High School. Elmhurst high school was built in 1888. It was also a grammar school too. It was located on, Cottage Hill Avenue and Arthur street. In 1904 they noticed that the school was overcrowded. So then in 1905 they added four rooms to the school. The principal then was A.A. Kester. But it was still overcrowded until 1959. ||

During the additions Elmhurst school changed their name to Hawthorne school. They named Hawthorne after Nathaniel Hawthorne. In 1906 There were a lot of additions like a physics laboratory and other rooms too. Thomas Bryan sold the land that the school was on. Like it was his land first and then he sold it. After Hawthorne burned down in 1917 Hawthorne was rebuilt in 1918 and district No.46 decided that Hawthorne should be rebuilt. When they built York they had a feeling that they would have to build an addition in the future so they had some extra land.

In 1893 Hawthorne school was a
High school to. York community High school used to be a Lathrop farm. The high school used to have a two year curriculum but then in 1905 it expanded to four years. The two year curriculum started in 1893. The principal then was Principal Stoop. So that’s why we go to high school for four years because they changed it in 1905. York community High school used to work in shifts.