This is McCormick house over 50 years ago. The house was made of only brick, steel and glass . This house was designed by Mies van der Rohe in 1952. He was 21 when he designed this house. He was born in Aachen, Germany in 1886.

The McCormick house was made in to into the Elmhurst Art Museum on August 16 1994. the house was being moved from 299 Prospect Av. To a place in wilder park to become the Elmhurst Art Museum.

Here is one of their sculptures facing Wilder park.

Every year the Elmhurst art museum has an art show hosted by Roz Long. I interviewed one of the artists, Luisa Castellanos, she started sewing at 10. She is now 13. Her inspiration to start making plush were Uglydolls. Every year there are more than 100 artists at the park.