The Project

You and your team will be researching and finding information about the history and architecture of Elmhurst, writing a story about your findings, and then creating both a video and a presentation in powerpoint. All of your findings will be placed on the Elmhurst wiki.
1. Choose a main topic about a home, historical site, a place, or person to find out about in Elmhurst.
2. Each person on the team will choose a separate topic. If it makes sense, choose a topic around the main one chosen by your team. For example, if you choose a historical home, some additional topics for team members might be the dress during the time the home was built, identifying the architecture and geometric shapes in the home or discuss how people lived during the year the home was built. Use your imagination as you complete your team's Elmhurst Plan form.
3. Use resources on the internet to get you started, go to the library, interview people in Elmhurst who have lived here a long time, visit the Historical Museum to look at the maps for the timeframe needed and to take notes from their records and books.
4. Use smart searching to find your information on the internet.
  • Start with these sites and add your own as you find more resources
5. Take pictures and/or video of your home, place or person for the storyboard, powerpoint and video.
6. Keep a record of your works cited, which will need to be in MLA format.


Elmhurst has many historical homes, and we can learn about them and show this information as part of Elmhurst history. Some suggested questions that might help you build your story about these homes:
  1. When was the house built?
  2. Who owned(owns) the house?
  3. What style is the house?
  4. What are the special architectural features?
  5. Who was the architect?
  6. Is a blueprint available to show the rooms?
  7. What geometric shapes are present?

Building styles and years they were around

House styles, description and other information

Elmhurst History


Elmhurst places continue to evolve and change. Find a place that you know about that you would like to tell others about. Here is a starting point:

People in Elmhurst

Know someone in the community that knows about Elmhurst history or was/is involved in creating Elmhurst history? This is your opportunity to interview them so the stories they know will be available for everyone to hear.
A suggestion might be:

What you need to complete:

  • Elmhurst Plan to be completed by team leader, identifying each person's topic.
  • Create a Research Log of all the information and cite where you found this information, such as the complete website address
  • Write a Storyboard about your topic.
** Check out this sample
  • Team Powerpoint
  • Team Video (using Photostory 3) - See video's created under Eldridge Park or Portillo's.

A. Each person will write a storyboard and create a powerpoint on a topic related to Elmhurst Architecture,Places, History, and People.
B. The team leader will merge all the powerpoints together to create a Team presentation.
C. A team video promoting the historical site,history or people will be added to the Team presentation. Check out Portillo's created by students from Edison Elementary School as an example.

Template for wiki page

1. Copy this section and paste it into your wiki page.
2. Copy your storyboard text into the text sections
3. upload your pictures on your wiki page, and place them in the picture spots.

Template for wiki pages
Text here
Copy your storyboard paragraphs here. ..
Picture here
Add the pictures from your storyboard here.
Text here
Picture here
Text here
Picture here
Text here
Picture here
Text here
Picture here
Text here
Picture here
Text here
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