Hamburger Heaven was first built in 1948. It hasn’t changed a bit. It’s a window pickup restaurant. There’s an outside bench table area to sit at. And a little parking lot to park your vehicle. This is a photo of what Hamburger Heaven would have looked like 59 years ago. ||

This is present day Hamburger Heaven. Hamburger Heaven is the original building right now as it was when it was first built.

Hamburger Heaven is located on North Ave., and York St.

There are 9 members of the hamburger heaven staff. One of them that I interviewed is named Samantha! The original owner of Hamburger Heaven was Angelo. He worked there for 30 years!! He then handed it over to the new owner. And are still having a very nice a successful business. The resent owner of Hamburger Heaven was interested to own this place because he wanted to make a good business and make good money. The resent owner has been working here for 2 years.

While your driving down North Ave, and see the big brown sign of Hamburger Heaven, you can already taste the amazing chocolate shakes they have. And their flavorful burgers. Hamburger Heaven is known for their double decker cheeseburgers, because of their right off the grill fresh taste and smell. They also have amazing cherry and lime slushy’s. I personally love their Chocolate Shakes. I can never leave there without one. And I love to get my fries smothered in cheese and let it melt in my mouth.

Here’s a happy customer getting his food. It looks like he’s eating a double decker. He also looks very happy. Many of the customers are usually fathers and daughters together. And teenagers come at night, and adults and kids during the day. Many of the employees like working at Hamburger Heaven because they like meeting customers, and they are a good business. Its lots of fun, and they like to help their community.